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Friday, May 26 2017 @ 03:02 PM EDT

2012 Tournament Results

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2012 Results from the 7th Annual Warriors on the Water!


Results of the 7th Annual Warriors on the Water Tournament.


Congratulations to Greg Lahr and Philip Henderson who pulled in 5 fish on Jordan Lake, weighing in at 18.14 lbs, catching the First Place slot at the 7th Annual Warriors on the Water tournament!

Manny Lenau and Derrick Childress secured 2nd Place with 18.03 lbs.  Steve Gardner and Randy Jones landed 3rd place with 17.05 lbs, including a big fish of 6.01 lbs.  Rober Walser and Gregory Navickas secured 4th place with 16.10 lbs and Tony Armstrong and Zachary Allison wresteled in the Big Bass at 7.02 lbs that was named in Memory of Medal of Honor recipient SSG Robert Miller, winning them 5th Place with a total of 14.06 lbs.


Place First Last Rank Co-Angler Weight Big Fish # Caught
1 Greg Lahr   Philip Henderson 18.14   5
2 Manny  Lenau   Derrick Childress 18.03    
3 Steve  Gardner TSGT/E-6 Randy A. Jones 17.05 6.01 5
4 Robert  Walser SSGT Gregory Navickas 16.10   5
5 Tony Armstrong SSGT Zachary T. Allison 14.06 7.02 5
6 Bruce Eskow MSGT Jason Longfellow 13.06   5
8 Jerry Lucas E5 Jarred Flax 11.07   4
7 Stanton  McDuffie GySGT/E7 Michael S. Bennett 11.07 6.01  
9 Brian West SGT Joshua White 11.05 5.15 2
10 Wendell Smith E7 Rick Devericks 10.13   3
10 Matt Yates   Herschel McKinley 10.13    
  Mark Rogers CAPT Mike Lukkes 10.07   5
  Jeremy Sabo GySGT Michael L. Hyde 9.08    
  Jim Faircloth TSGT/E-6 Donald (Jim) Ormsbee 9.07 2.15 4
  Sammy McLeod SSG Franklin Ripley 9.06    
  Todd Parker   Alex Anderson 9.05   5
  Todd Massey LTC William Garber 9.04   5
  Josh Hooks SGT/E-5 Brian J. Brandehoff 9.01    
  Randy  Yarnall E-5 Jeremy Lewis 8.11    
  Lonnie Renfro SGT Edward Garr 8.10 7.00  
  Dennis Allen SSG Angel Ortiz 8.09    
  Kevin Matthews PV2 Joshua Sears 8.06    
  Ricky Bagwell PFC Casey Lowden 8.04    
  Richard Jensen MSG Le'Roy Tousant 8.03   2
  Will Blanton SGT John P. Ratzloff 8.03    
  Dale Campo SPC Kristopher Bishop 8.00    
  Mike Lamb SGT/E-5 Curtis Loter 7.14    
  Mike DelVisco SSG Eric Brusstar 7.12    
  Ronald Barker SFC Michael J. Wiles 7.10    
  Craig Johnson CSM/E9 Khalid D. Asadullah 7.09    
  Andrew Kartesz SSG Edward Hughes 7.08    
  Reginald Norflett SFC/E7 Vinny Freeman 7.02    
  Horace Mason TSGT John E. Maso 6.13    
  Jaime Fajardo E5 Jeffrey Huffman 6.11    
  Richard Szczerbala SPC Anthony S. Perales 6.10    
  Paul Shenep SSG/E6 Jon K. Hawke 6.09    
  John Sims   Tyler Smith 6.06   5
  Jason Naumuk SSGT Christopher Reed 6.05    
  Scott  Perrine CMSGT Mark D. Lutz 6.03    
  Greg Gabry TSGT Mike Brait 6.03    
  Ethan Cox   Dustin Hanna 6.00    
  Duke Bevard E9 Brian Beasley 5.15    
  Leland Stiff   Tyler Eaton 5.11    
  JC Helms SSG Thaddius S. Dawkins, II 5.07    
  Jeff Nixon GySGT James Silva 5.05    
  James Poirrier SFC Matthew Kelley 5.05    
  Buster Seabolt CPT Daniel Allen Hill 5.04    
  Clint Benbow PFC Richard "Drew" Snyder 5.00    
  David Wallace E5 Michael Jennings 4.14    
  Billy Carroll SSG Jason M. Hildreth 4.13    
  Chip Baty SFC Jeffrey Carroll 4.13    
  Michael Updike PFC Cody Standridge 4.13    
  Tom Robertson SPC San Francisco E. Mascorro 4.13    
  Scott Dupree E-4 SPC Nick Jackson 4.10    
  Mike Wilkerson LCPL Virgil M. Enus 4.09 4.09 1
  Aaron  Isler SFC/E7 Daniel Montoya 4.09 4.09 1
  Chris Inscoe MSGT Rodger (Scott) Zeach 4.07    
  Mark Cooper SFC Eric Camps 4.04 4.04 1
  Neil Eckberg SPC William Dowling 3.15    
  Lynn Jourden   David Holland 3.15    
  Adam Petty   Devin Dawes 3.14    
  Mike Nadeau SSG Timothy Bridge 3.14    
  Roger Hubbard SSG Michael J. Groen 3.13    
  Jeff Hoener CPL Paul Petrella 3.11    
  Roger Baylous SGT Tiffany Treadway 3.11    
  John Smith CAPT Keith Hobart 3.07    
  Jeff Bumgarner SSG Peter W. Garrett 3.06    
  Kelby Waldrip PFC Richard Davis 3.05  


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