2020 Boater Registration

opens Wednesday, September 11th at 8:47 AM EST.



Please understand that we will no longer be held responsible for incorrect information entered during registration. To receive updates on upcoming events you MUST enter a valid email address, home address, and phone number. 





Where do I find Boater Registration?

Go to the Boaters Tab, and a drop-down menu will pop-up when you place your cursor over that Boaters tab, scroll to Boater Registration and click. You are now at the Boater Registration form. 



We have a countdown on our homepage, once it hits 8:47 AM EST Boater Registration will go live.  Go to the Boater's Tab and click Boater Registration in the drop-down menu. 


If you have any questions while filling out the Boater Registration, I recommend you use the Live Chat Box located in the lower right corner of the page instead of emailing. You will get a much quicker response through live chat allowing you to progress through the form more quickly.


It can take up to 30 minutes for your registration form to be submitted and added to the 2020 Boaters List which can be located under the Boater's tab on the website. 


Please take into consideration at 8:47 AM EST there will be heavy traffic to the Boater Registration and that it's normal for websites to load a bit slower with heavy traffic.  


Live Chat will be on the website to answer all your questions on the morning of September 11th. We will open live chat at 8:30 AM EST. Between 8:46 AM EST and 8:47 AM EST the chat will be turned off for a moment of silence. At 8:47 AM EST Registration will open and Live Chat will resume. If you have any questions, please use the Live Chat.



Thank you for helping make this event possible!

We truly appreciate you and all you do for Warriors On the Water.